Breaking Bachelor Season 1 news: Tim and Anna talking marriage...

They met on screen, fell in love on screen and now there’s been an on screen admission that marriage could be on the cards.

They’re the genetically blessed reality television couple who continually lead us to believe that true love is possible. True, photogenically-blessed, Instagram-worthy, love.

And now Anna Heinrich has admitted that marriage could very well be in her future with former Bachelor Tim Robards.

Tim and Anna at a friends wedding earlier this year.


The pair are currently to be found swinging from vines and drinking from coconuts on the first Aussie series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. Tim and Anna have been busy making their fellow contestants (who were NOT allowed to bring a loved one of their choice) jealous since their unannounced arrival in the African jungle earlier in the week.

Read more about that here… Intruder couple on ‘ I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’, have seen this reality business before.

But it was Thursday night’s episode that led to the real revelation as 27-year-old Anna revealed her inner-most feelings about her hunk-of-a-boyfriend Tim.

“I loved being single and I’m glad I did it all,” she told model Laura Dundovic.

“But now I’m in a relationship, I wouldn’t give it up because I can see myself getting married to him.”

Nawww. #romance.

Even on the weekends the couple look flawlessly happy and in love.


I don’t know about you, but all we can think about it when that wedding happens, if that wedding happens, it’s going to be one freaking stunning event.

After all, we are talking about the couple whose weekend attire puts OUR ENTIRE WARDROBES to shame.

Check out what we mean… (Post continues below).

And we can’t help but wonder how Tim would feel about taking that special walk with Anna sometime in the future. Given that he was “probably going to be crapping [himself]” during his stay in the jungle, we sure hope he’s not one for pre-wedding jitters.