Tiffiny Hall thought she'd spend her pregnancy exercising. Instead, she spent it vomiting.

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Tiffiny Hall had big plans for her pregnancy. Having launched her fitness company, ‘Tiff XO’ a month before conceiving, the Biggest Loser personal trainer hadn’t counted on the small human she was growing slowing her down.

Then she started vomiting. And didn’t stop. Not after her first trimester, and not even after she’d given birth to Arnold.

“I vomited with every contraction and I was sick until the last second he came flying out.  Then it just left me as soon as the placenta was delivered,” the new mum told Monique Bowley and Bec Judd on Mamamia’s Hello Bump podcast.

Throughout her entire pregnancy, Hall suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the same pregnancy condition Kate Middleton is currently experiencing for the third time.

Hall and Middleton are among the 0.3 and two per cent of women who have the condition. So is Hall’s mum, who suffered from HG through all three of her pregnancies.

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Despite the genetic predisposition, 33-year-old author and journalist thought her active lifestyle and occupation would mean her pregnancy would be different. Instead, she was bed bound for nine months, unable to work and film fitness videos for her business like she’d planned.

“I was so excited to be pregnant and then it just hit me. I couldn’t work I couldn’t do anything. I had multiple hospital admissions. I have never felt that sick,” she said.

“It’s like severe car sickness or being in that Gravitron ride for nine months.

“I went off all food and put on 30 kilos because I couldn’t drink water because it tasted like vomit.  I just had milk and carbs because I just needed things that would fill me up.  I went off my diet, I couldn’t exercise.  It was horrible.”

While HG is treatable for some women, others, like Hall, find nothing helps ease the nausea.


“I tried medications and nothing worked for me. Ed was holding up little bowls of ginger and things that I would sniff because I didn’t have the energy to hold it to my face.  I tried everything.  I had permanent acupuncture points put in my ears.  Nothing worked for me.”

“Psychologically if you have a cold or get sick it ebbs and flows, you feel worse and better but with the all day sickness it was this one level of sickness.  You wake up with it, you go to bed with it.  It was like a form of psychological torture.”

Thankfully, the only vomit Hall has to worry about these days is her bub’s. And constantly for vomiting during your pregnancy has a handy side effect – the ole new mum tiredness and lack of sleep? That’s a picnic in comparison.

“People say to me now “you’ve got so much energy”. That’s because I’m not sick anymore, I’ll take a bit of tiredness over that any day.”

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