"I was rocked to the core in there." Tiffany is the first contestant to be voted off I'm A Celeb.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here was shaken up by two early departures – Bernard Tomic bailed two days in, Anthony Mundine lasted about a week – but now the first contestant actually voted out by the public, 1980s singer Tiffany, has been given the boot.

The 46 year-old appeared to be having a genuinely hard time coping with the camp and challenges, and well, the public predictably put her out of her misery.

Tiffany, who had a panic attack on last week’s episode, and broke down in tears the week prior, admitted it truly was a rough trot for her in the jungle.


“It is so hard in there. It’s harder than I thought. I will be honest,” she told hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown after her departure.

“I was rocked to my core and of course, you [Brown] stepped up an helped me, thank you. You saved the day. Again my forever hero.”

The singer was referring to a challenge last week where contestants were suspended upside down over some cliffs and had to throw a ball into a ring in order to win meals. With Tiffany literally petrified due to a fear of heights, Dr Chris Brown offered to take her place, winning the group their one and only meal for the day.

Image: Channel 10

"You feel so guilty. Food is on the line. And we are hungry in that camp, I have to say," she said.

The singer had been candid about the emotional life events that had led her to entering the jungle, saying she had lost several friends and family members, including her parents, to cancer in the last five years.

"So many people died unexpectedly in the last five or six years. My father died, my mother died. My best friend died. My other best friend died," she told Jackie Gillies.

"I've come here and celebrate their lives, but the truth is this is making me go in a different direction. Sitting here has not been good for me because I have been reflecting on that. It is like making me feel sad. It is making me miss them more."

It was for this reason she chose Red Kite, an Australian charity that supports children and young people with cancer and their families, as her chosen charity.

While it had certainly been challenging, Tiffany said she'd formed some friendships that would last outside the jungle.

To her campmates Kerry Armstrong and Fiona O’Loughlin, she said: "I’m going to see you guys again. We have got lots of plans on the outside."

She may be alone now (or at least away from her campmates) but here's wishing Tiffany all the best life outside the South African jungle.