Those Two Girls (hilariously) present: The uses of coconut oil you haven't thought of yet.

Coconut oil. According to every yoga-stretched, nature-loving hippie in the Western world, it’s “God’s trendiest nectar”.

If you ask a coconut oil fan, they will give you a long list of its benefits. Lip moisturiser? Sure. Deodorant? You betcha.

Blah blah blah coconut oil can cure anything AND you can put in your smoothies etc.

Finally, a video about coconut oil that doesn’t make us want to roll our eyes. Those Two Girls have brought us the joy of “nature’s favourite lube” in their ‘Can You Hack It?’ series, with their usual hilarious, sarcastic commentary.

Did you know coconut oil is a natural hair moisturiser? “You will look like Danny Zuko, but not in a good way”, says Sarah, as she smears her ponytail into a slicked mess.

Two minutes later, and the girls look like they’ve just stepped out of an oil bath.

Check out the latest video from Lise and Sarah, Those Two Girls. We can’t get enough of them.

We love you, Lise and Sarah. In slick-ness and in health.