Someone has invented socks to wear with thongs and we demand to know why. 

We are confused.

In perhaps the most pointless exercise ever, someone who definitely shouldn’t own a pair of knitting needles has designed socks to keep your feet warm while wearing thongs and they make absolutely zero sense as a piece of clothing.

Why? Because:

Thongs = summer footwear, usually a beach staple to protect your feet from the burning hot sand.

Socks = material to keep your feet warm in winter, or to wear with closed-shoes such as boots or runners.

Your day with and without heels, post will continue after video…

Clearly cutting random holes in jeans is no fun anymore, because crafty home designers with Instagram accounts have gone rogue and decided that ‘thong socks’ deserve a place on this earth.

We want to know why.

The socks resemble fingerless gloves for your feet… which means they do not even cover your toes.

Otherwise known as the coldest part of your foot.


Now, we want to understand, we really do, but the only reason we can think of is that these socks are designed for wearing after a pedicure in winter, when it’s just too chilly to make the dash home in flip-flops alone.

Here they are, in all their glory:



Not only are we more confused than we’d like to be on a Monday since learning of this trend, but we now have the thong song stuck in our heads.

…So we decided you should too.

(You’re welcome).