This woman called working mums "slack." What happens next is awesome.

Katie Hopkins on UK chat show, Daybreak.






This is Katie Hopkins.

She’s best known for writing outrageous opinion pieces for tabloid newspapers and following them up with equally outrageous appearances on daytime chat shows.

She’s the woman who said that she wouldn’t let her children play with ‘quality’ kids, and that she taught them to actively avoid their peers with ‘lower class’ names. 

And now, Katie Hopkins is calling working mothers – slackers.

Hopkins appeared on Channel Nine’s Mornings today to debate the ‘issue’ (read: manufactured absurdity that will fund Hopkins’ front room renovations) and something awesome happened.

Because the troll met her match: Australia’s arse-kicking, razor smart, no bullshit writer, Caroline Overington.

This screenshot pretty much says it all:

Yeah, Caroline. We thought so too.

Watch one of our favourite women, Associate Editor of Australian Women’s Weekly and bestselling author, Caroline Overington, put Katie Hopkins back in her place:


At 0:50 Katie tries to make #slackmums happen. It doesn’t.

At 2:00 Caroline says: “The idea that having responsibility for small children is the same as having a smoke at work, or that having responsibility for small children is the same as wanting to take a holiday with your girlfriends is nasty.”

At 2:50 Caroline says that raising responsible members of the community is the most important job.

At 3:10 Caroline says: “I have never met women who work harder than mothers.”

At 4:10 Caroline says that Hopkins should just lock herself up in a castle and never emerge, because the community isn’t interested in helping her out.

At 5:00 Mornings host Ben Fordham hints that Katie might just do this to get a rise out of people. PREACH.

And, at 5:35 Caroline brings it home.

What do you think of Katie Hopkins’ remarks?