These are the most likely baby names for Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child.


Babies born in 2018 are most likely to be named Emma, Charlotte, Sadie, Finn, Jack or Atticus, if a list released way back in November is to be believed.

But despite the apparent boom in popularity for these names, and the anxious wait parents face to discover if their child will be one of four ‘Emmas’ on the first day of kindergarten, there’s only one baby’s name we really care about this year.

(Well, when it comes to celebrity babies, that is.)


And that’s royal baby number three, who will be arriving (presumably by horse and carriage and wearing a teeny tiny crown or tiara) in just a matter of months.

prince william kate middleton thinking
"Maybe a baby name will just... fall from the sky?" Image via Getty.

All eyes (and ears) are on the Duke and Duchess when it comes to the name of their third child, who will be the sibling of Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

It seems the bookies have already decided, though, and we have to say the options are... rather boring.


Considering the royal rule of repeating names every hundred years or so, baby number three is bound to be given a moniker we've all heard before.

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"It's very hard to see a Princess Chardonnay or a Prince Wayne," Jessica Bridge, from Ladbrokes Betting Agency in the UK, told Newshub this week.

Currently, the odds are in the favour of Alice, if it's a girl, or Albert if the baby is a boy.

You may remember (although, you're forgiven if you don't because two years is actually quite a bit of time) that Alice was also a top bet for the couple's second child.

Before deciding on Charlotte, many believed the second royal baby might also be named Victoria, Elizabeth or Diana, after Prince William's late mother.

In fact, Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, so the bookies weren't entirely wrong. That really only leaves Alice and Victoria as viable options for the couple's (still to be confirmed) daughter.

Princess Charlotte's full name is actually Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Image via Instagram.

But the baby's name isn't the only bet that's being talked about in the lead-up to the April birth: royal watchers are already predicting how much the baby will weigh.

(FYI, the current favourite is three kilograms, in case the question comes up during your Tuesday night triva round.)

Bets are also being taken on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, with some believing Harry will shave his beard before the big day. Others still are guessing whether the Obamas will be in attendance, and whether Sir Elton John will sing for the newlyweds.

As for us? We think we'll just wait for official announcements on all accounts.

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