Get ready, parents-to-be: The baby names tipped to be most popular in 2018 have arrived.

Future parents of 2018? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s that time of year again. Babygaga has put together a list of their predictions for the most popular baby names for 2018 – and we’re going to trust them on it, since we have literally no other way of knowing until people start naming their babies next year.

In a shocking twist (okay, look, they’re just names of babies, but go with me here), 2017 frontrunners Olivia and Harry have been booted from the top spot, replaced by the classic “Emma” for a girl and the, er, not-so-classic “Finn” for a boy.

Royal favourites Charlotte and Victoria still make the cut, but less traditional names like Atticus, Rylie, Kai and Harper seem to be dominating this year.

So whether you’re desperate to avoid your baby ending up with the same name as six of her kindergarten classmates (I’m looking at you, Violets), or you’re just really desperate for ideas, this is the list for you.

(Also, since we’re here, can I just make a quick pitch for Zoe? Great name. Never let me down. At least consider it?)

Most popular girls’ names for 2018

1. Emma

2. Charlotte

3. Sadie

4. Violet

5. Kennedy

6. Savannah

7. Penelope

8. Victoria

9. Ellie

10. Hazel

11. Natalie

12. Luna


13. Rylie

14. Aurora

15. Scarlett

16. Nora

17. Zoe

18. Amelia

19. Harper

20. Stella

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Most popular boys’ names for 2018

1. Finn

2. Jack

3. Atticus

4. Oliver

5. Theodore

6. Reuban

7. Dylan

8. Corin

9. Adam

10. Alexander

11. Daniel

12. Christopher

13. Brandon

14. Logan

15. Joseph

16. Hunter

17. Lucas

18. Kai

19. Jasper

20. Isaac