8 unexpected trampoline uses (for both the kids and you).







Trampolines aren’t just for children to jump on. This may be their primary function but a recent survey of Aussie mums has revealed trampoline uses much more vast than that. Hey, this is PG! Get that thought out of your head.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Springfree. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.


“My son plays soccer and basketball and my daughter plays netball. So we put up a hoop and they have games on the trampoline. It’s such good training. If they can play well while jumping up and down on a trampoline then imagine how well they’ll play on a court.”

Amanda from Dandenong


Birthday parties…

“My daughter wanted a fairy-princess birthday party so I covered the trampoline is gorgeous tulle and was able to hang fairy wings all over it. I organised a special ‘pink carpet’ for her friends to walk on to climb into the trampoline and once on there we had a face painter climb on, gave them a special afternoon tea and even did the cake on there. They were in heaven.”

Mel from Christies Beach


Pet’s love trampolines too.

Bunny play pen…

“Our bunny Meep is such a handful  but we’ve found if she has a bit of a romp she’ll be a lot calmer for the rest of the day. So, whenever we clean out her pen we put her on our trampoline, zip up the net and she goes nuts, bouncing around. It makes it easier to catch her later too.”


Monique from Tweed Heads



“I have four young children and it’s always hard to transport them anywhere so we climb onto the trampoline for a special picnic instead. We don’t even need a blanket. I set up containers of different foods and when it’s time to jump the lids go on and off they go.”

Janelle from Penrith


Slip n slide…

“It was a really hot day and I kept calling the kids to come inside. Then I heard laughing and when I went outside to check on them I saw they’d pulled the hose under our trampoline and were jumping and using it as a slip n slide. They stayed on for hours and it dried really quickly too. Now they do it whenever it’s hot.”

Danielle from Agnes Banks

All the world’s a stage.


Movie studio…

“My son is obsessed with YouTube at the moment and uses our trampoline to make movies that he then begs me to post on my YouTube channel. He’s only 9 so they are all about catching baddies and being a superhero but they are so cute. I’m keeping them all.”


Melinda from Launceston



Talent show stage…

“I’m a big fan of letting kids become bored to see what they think of and during the school holidays they decided to put on a talent show every afternoon for me. I would make a treat like cupcakes or fairy bread and they would spend the morning rehearsing. Each child would then do their performance. I had my niece and nephews over as well so it was quite a show complete with a host, dancing, singing and all on the trampoline.”

Cat from the Gold Coast


“Before I knew it they had drawn pictures all over the courtyard and had climbed onto the trampoline to draw on that.”


Art studio…

“I bought my children some chalk to draw on the pavers outside our home. Someone suggested it to me as a cheap way to keep kids entertained. Before I knew it they had drawn pictures all over the courtyard and had climbed onto the trampoline to draw on that. The black surface was perfect for their pictures and then of course they decided to jump all over it and were covered in chalk powder. But the beauty is it all came off in the rain and the rest with the hose. And they had so much fun.”

Maree from Bonner


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