Getting rid of these 5 things in your bedroom will make your life better.

My mother has always told me that the bedroom is a sanctuary — a reprieve from life's chaos

I always thought her words to be interesting, because I have never found that to be true. But I suppose mounds of clothes on the floor and knick-knacks scattered everywhere never would have brought me much Zen.

Nevertheless, my bedroom is an important place to me because it is where I read, sleep, eat, drink, hang out, complete chores, do work when I WFH and... *checks list* I think that's it.

So I imagine that's the same experience for everyone.

Given all of that, I wanted to gift everyone my opinion on how to make your bedroom better because, why not? And also, why shouldn't I? Considering everyone loved it when I judged them (and myself) for owning fake plants and artwork prints from Kmart, I thought I'd do it again.

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So I've compiled a list of all the items that will never belong within the bedroom's hallowed walls.

Here are five things to remove from your bedroom so you might avoid my disappointed wrath.

(And here's a disclaimer once again: I really am just teasing. I don't mind if you have these things in your house, I just don't like them in mine and I would remove them immediately. Because they're ugly. In my opinion.)


Your office. 

It's really cool to own an entire office set-up complete with an ergonomic chair and desktop the size of a billboard. But it's also cool to, like, I don't know, enjoy your life?

No one, especially you, wants to see all the ugly gadgets you've got for working or gaming as soon as you wake up.

It's unbecoming. Please, put it in the closet.

Better yet, sell it all on Facebook Marketplace and just do what I do: sit at the dining table with an ordinary laptop!

(Side note: maybe keep the ergonomic chair, actually. Normal seats hurt after a while.)

Those decorative pillows. 

They end up on the floor, anyway. And they give you a migraine every time you accidentally fall asleep on 'em. So why? Why? WHY. There's no need, honestly.

I actually asked a few people if they washed their decorative pillows often and most of them told me, "Sure do! Every few months". So. There's also that.

The ugly, dusty blinds. 

If you’re in a rental, you likely don’t have much choice, but if you have those utilitarian Venetian blinds that make you feel you're in your 8th-grade maths class again, it's time to buy a sleeping eye mask.

They look like this. And they're terribly annoying to clean. Image: Getty.


Maybe buy a roller blind with a block-out fabric so you don't have to look at it at all. Because I care about you and I don't think you deserve to have to look at them every day.

ALSO. As someone with hideous blinds, I have been looking into buying curtain rods and DIY-ing something makeshift to appease my distaste, and it's absolutely not as hard as I thought it would be.

Your TV.


Okay, I'm being harsh with this one. But goodness me, why do you want that monstrosity of a black box right across from your bed? 

Don't you like peace? Don't you like tranquillity? Don't you like to live the life you deserve? 


In all seriousness, I understand why people have TVs in their rooms. Some people are parents. Others have housemates. And even if they don't have kids, or someone else living with them, it's still not really any of my bloody business where people stick their big black boxes, is it?

Oh well. 

The big light.

I didn't realise this was my pet peeve until TikTok gave my utter hatred of overhead lighting a name: The Big Light. 

You see it, right? Image: Getty.


It's never cute when the bulb above your bed bathes the entire room in a harsh, cool-coloured light that has the unique ability of making anyone standing under it look like the undead.

MUCH. BETTER. Image: Getty.

The harsh truth is that no one really needs overhead lights, because lamps — directly at eye level, a little lower or a little higher — are the way of the future.

Take it from me, I am a home expert after all. 

Feature Image: TikTok/Getty.