People share the thing their teachers did that STILL make them angry.

When LA-based animator Marie Lum asked her Twitter followers, “What’s something a teacher did that still makes you mad?” her thread promptly went viral.

In just four days, her tweet amassed 770+ re-tweets, nearly 5,500 likes and over 6.5 thousand responses.

This is because nobody ever get over the injustices of their schooling. Ever.

We all have those formative moments in our childhood or adolescence where we were slighted by a teacher and promptly realised that the world is an unfair place, and adults are capable of making harrowing, emotionally-scarring mistakes.


Perhaps it was an offhand comment, or unfairly marked visual representation, or perhaps Mrs Parker who gave you a uniform detention on that one day you forgot to bring your hat.

These things do happen, and then bereaved students post them onto social media years later for the world to see.

These were our favourite the most rage-inducing responses, with a few of our own thrown in for good measure:

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Teachers that just do unexplainable things just for the sake of it…



When I went to pick up my GCSE results (major UK test around our equivalent of Year 10) I was so nervous when I grabbed the envelope from my teacher that I couldn’t speak. Before I could open it, she dragged me to one side and shouted at me for five minutes for not saying thank you. By the time I saw that I’d got pretty much all As, I was too upset to be excited about it. She totally ruined that moment for me. STILL ANGRY – Polly Taylor.


We’re pretty sure these teachers needs to have a sit down with the principal…

In Year Two we had to stand on a scale in class and have our weights publicly written on the classroom board. Something which would never happen now. I was heavier and taller than most of the other kids so when I stood on the scale my weight was also numerically bigger. Luckily there was another girl in the class that had the exact same weight as me, and we high-fived each other when we found out, but I’m still annoyed at that teacher to this day – Amy Clark.


My maths teacher told me to “sit there vegetate like the vegetable I was” in front of my whole class – all because I asked a legitimate question about some stupid trigonometry thing we were learning which I completely didn’t understand. I was mortified and so embarrassed I never spoke in that class again – Peta Camilleri.

Schooling moments that leave an impression on you for the rest of time…



My teacher was an absolute d*ck (known for staring at the older girl’s bras), however he took a disliking to me based on my older brother. My dad (unknown to me) called the school to have a quiet word with him, for giving me really unfair marks. The teacher then announced to the whole class that my dad called him, and went into detail about the call. – Anna Macdonald.

Group therapy time… tell us in a comment, what is something that a teacher did in either primary or high school that still makes your blood boil to this day? This is a safe space.

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