People are sharing the things they realised embarrassingly late and… WOW.

Video by MWN

When I was a kid I couldn’t understand how Jesus was able to age 33 years between Christmas and Easter. I only managed to get through one term of school and he lived a whole 33 years?

It made me very sad for him that his whole life only lasted three to four months… but also I was excited about chocolate.

Then I realised.

That’s not how dates work.

Jesus got his full 33 years and I’m an idiot… but I still got chocolate.

Anywho, my point is people can be unbelievably stupid.

We’ve all had moments when we’ve realised something very, very simple and then wondered how the heck we’ve actually been getting through life all this time.


That’s why a Twitter thread about the very topic is so goddamn hilarious.

Jon Stone, a Europe Correspondent at the Independent, asked people to share the really obvious things they didn’t realise until embarrassingly late in their lives.

And the people delivered.

Yep. People are great.

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