A definitive list of the 7 most avoided household chores.






Here’s what I quickly learned just weeks after moving out of home

I learned that nothing happened by magic (my mum). Somebody has to do all the horrible, disgusting, foul, nauseating cleaning jobs around the house and that person is me.


It’s a bit comforting really. It helps cure house envy, that’s for sure, because no matter how gorgeous your friends’ houses are, just know that they are on their hands and knees doing all those hideous cleaning chores as well.

Here are the seven vile household chores I delay and dread. Get ready to gag.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by 30 Seconds. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

1. Pulling hair out of the shower drain.

Oh, so that’s where all my hair went.

Cleaning the shower drain didn’t occur to me for years after moving out of home until I was faced with a bathroom flood and my husband did it for me. But the look of disgust on his face caused me to take over the nasty task. I didn’t need him to associate something so disgusting with me. We were newlyweds after all.


2. Picking up pet poo from the back yard.

Having a dog or any pet is great fun, until you need to dry and clean up their soft stools from grass in your backyard, or clean up their wee from the kitchen floor because you forgot to let them outside, or reline the bottom of their cage because it’s become crusted over with filth.


Lucky they’re cute, right?


3. Cleaning under the kids’ beds.

Looking under my children’s beds is a horror-movie moment I take days to recover from. Despite my constant nagging about putting rubbish IN THE BIN it somehow ends up under their bed and grows fur or becomes fused to the skirting board.

So the cleaning process involves grabbing, scraping and then scrubbing.


4. Pulling the lint out of the dryer.

I’d heard about safety switches on a few occasions but never really grasped what they were and why they’d be activated until all our power went out. I called an electrician because I was a totally useless idiot. He walked straight to the lint filter in my dryer and it looked like a small animal had been wedged in there.

“You have to clean it out AFTER every cycle,” he told me, shaking his head. I bowed my head in shame.

He handed it to me for cleaning. Yuck.


5. Cleaning out bits of food from under the lounge cushions.

Every time I move home I start off our residence with a “No Eating in the Lounge Room” rule which lasts a few weeks at best and is then quickly abandoned because I get sick of nagging them not to. So I should have been prepared for what would greet me the first time I lifted the lounge cushions up to clean under there.

I was so naïve. I was expecting nothing. Instead I found every lolly my children had ever half-eaten, and other bits and pieces that were not in any way identifiable.



6. Pulling apart and cleaning the inside of the vacuum cleaner.

Here’s a tip…your cleaning appliances need to be clean in order to clean. And yet it never occurred to me to clean the inside of our vacuum cleaner until I accidentally sucked up a pair of my son’s size two undies and had to attempt to unblock it.

Vacuum cleaners are disgusting on the inside and usually need their filter cleaned as well. Otherwise you are blowing little skin particles all over your home. Yep, yuck.


7. Barbecues aren’t meant to be that dirty.

I was once confronted about my tendency to scrub my barbecue plates with detergent after each use. “You’re taking away all the unique barbecue flavour,” my friend said. Apparently I’m meant to allow food remnants to fester until the next fry up. “Um, no thanks,” I muttered as I scrubbed away.

I’d love to just leave it, don’t get me wrong. Cleaning the barbecue is one of my least favourite jobs. But it has to be done and apparently I’m the only one willing to do it. Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be hygienic.



What do you think are the most disgusting chores to do around the house? 

And more of the dirtier jobs out there that may be less desirable for some…

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