PARENTS REJOICE: The Wiggles have just made parents' lives easier when it comes to toilet training.

If you’ve had a child in the last 15 years, chances are you’ve raised them with The Wiggles.

Yep, the Aussie awesome foursome have been entertaining kids around the world for almost two decades, and they’ve sung about everything, including Wags the Dog, eating fruit, drinking water, classical music, how to handle allergies, cooking and Christmas.

And now, they’re helping parents toilet train their kids, with the release of the their new song, simply called The Toilet Song.

Speaking to Babyology, Blue Wiggle Anthony explained what motivated the group to write the helpful tune.

“Parents have been asking The Wiggles for decades now to write a song about toilet training,” he said. Because, as all parents know, it takes a village to raise a child – but it’s much easier if at least four of those villagers are wearing primary coloured-skivvies.

The Wiggles announced the new song in an Instagram post earlier this week, and the comments section quickly filled with happy parents tagging each other with the good news – help for tricky toddler toilet training is on the way.


The song is designed to encourage children transitioning from nappies to not be afraid of the change, and embrace the porcelain.

Here are the full lyrics to the song, and as you can see, it’s simple, direct, and hopefully very effective.

The Toilet Song 
Can you take the toilet challenge?

Can you sit on the toilet for this whole song?

And at the end you can press the button to flush.

How does that sound?!

First … are you sitting on the toilet?

Oh great!

Are you ready? Okay! Here we go!

Are you sitting on the toilet?

See what you can do!

Now you’re sitting on the toilet.

You can do a wee or a poo!

Now try it!

Do you feel it coming?

Any luck?

Oh that’s okay. Let’s try it again!

We’re halfway through the toilet challenge.

You’re like a prince or a princess on a throne.

Can you feel anything coming soon?

Good luck!

Okay. Let’s try it again. Are you ready?

Here we go!

When you sit on the toilet.

You’re like a prince or a princess on their throne.

When you sit on the toilet.

You can do a wee or poo on your own.

Hah! You did it!

You sat there for the whole song and now it’s cleanup time.

Now you can press the button and flush the toilet after the count of three.

Are you ready?

One. Two. Three. Flush!