This hilarious Wiggles toy fail has the internet in stitches.

Still Christmas shopping for the kids? Well, there’s one toy you might want to avoid getting for your little one.

A Blue Wiggle figurine photographed in NSW department store has thousands of Australian’s suppressing giggles as it’s been shared and reshared online.

Why? Well, the doll, in the likeness of Blue Wiggle Anthony, is holding a long thin object in his hand near his crotch area. And it’s the same colour as his skin.

Give it a wiggle

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If you’re thinking this toy couldn’t possibly be suitable for children, you’re not alone.

“I can’t unsee this,” wrote one commenter on Instagram.

“What’s in his hands?!?!?” asked another.

Turns out it was innocent enough. The object is meant to be a “drumstick”.

Nano Martinez, who took the photo and shared it on social media told the Daily Mail he moved the doll’s hand to take the photo – so perhaps it’s not as bad as we think, but really, who approved a design that could be so easily manipulated to look dirty.

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“I just couldn’t help myself, I think the stick itself already looked a bit suspect,” Nano said.

“I took the picture and placed it back to his old kid-friendly self.”

For us at least though, the damage has been done. We’ll never look at a Wiggles doll the same way again.