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From a personal stylist to a Bondi Vet: Meet the new cast of The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Seven of Sydney's most stylish socialites have officially entered the building. 

Yep, after six years The Real Housewives of Sydney have announced they're rebooting for a second season. 

What's more, the upcoming cast has also been announced and we're here to tell you there will be some old faces and a few new ones.

This season promises to deliver binge-worthy drama, with a diverse background of women, from entrepreneurs to former television presenters, these personalities are sure to clash... and we can't wait.

Watch the recap of season one memory. Story continues after post.

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So if you're wondering who these extravagant ladies are you've come to the right place, these are the luxurious women joining the second season of the Sydney reboot.

Meet The Real Housewives of Sydney:

Dr Kate Adams: 


Known for her work on Bondi Vet, Dr Kate Adams has announced she'll be joining the show.

"This is 100 per cent real. There’s real emotion and we don’t take direction from people," said Adams in an interview.

Terry Biviano:


48-year-old Terry Biviano is not only a housewife but an NRL WAG to Anthony Minchinello.

"He [husband] left the decision up to me and I’ve made my bed so now I have to lay in it. He’s all good with it now. But it was a bit daunting, to begin with," she told Stella in an interview.

Caroline Gaultier:

Image: Binge.

Another addition to the show is newcomer Caroline Gaultier, originally from Prague, Gaultier says she's focused on looking and feeling her best, always.


“I’ve never seen a single Housewives episode. I never understood why people watched it,” Gaultier explains.

Victoria Montano:

Another of the Housewives best known for her fashion and entrepreneurial accomplishments is Victoria Montano, who is the founder of Sport Luxe luxury clothing brand. Montano prides herself on being witty, delivering hilarious one liners and always being 100 per cent authentically herself.


Sally Obermeder:

Sally Obermeder, the former television host and mother of two will be returning to our screens for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Sydney.  

Perhaps the most inspiring addition to the show, Obermeder not only successfully juggles the chaos of family life, but battles with breast cancer. Along with this, she has also created her own wellness brand Swiish, which she now manages as well as working with the reality-show. 

"In life, there are people who absolutely love you and there are people who won’t love you. You’re not going to resonate with everyone; that’s not the point. It’s not the desired outcome or something you’re trying to achieve," admitted Obermeder.


Krissy Marsh: 

Joining the show for another show stopping season is 51-year-old Krissy Marsh.

"The dogs are really happy to be in the show again. And Terry the turtle was very excited. He even got a shell scrub for the series, said Adams in an interview.


Nicole O’Neil:  

But Krissy isn't the only housewife returning to the program, Nicole O'Neil, the former Miss Australia and wife to a hedge fund giant.

"Krissy and I had a great time doing it [season one]. We would look at each other and be like, “This is a pinch-me moment.” Which is why I decided to come back," said O'Neil.

Check back in to stay up to date with all The Real Housewives of Sydney drama right here.

Image: Binge.

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