"They're back. The bags are back." Steve Price just left thousands of Project fans fuming.


Steve Price just out-Steve Priced himself.

On Wednesday it was announced that Coles had backtracked on their plastic bag ban.

The supermarket chain decided to continue supplying free, reusable plastic bags to customers instead of completely banning plastic bags.

The move was discussed on Wednesday’s episode of The Project. 

During the segment, Price began waving around a plastic bag excitedly.

“They are back. The bags are back. Listen, this is common sense, it reestablishes competition and it says that the customer is always right. Coles decided to ban those bags and their customers said we don’t like it, we want them back. Waleed can go to Woollies or IGA, I can go to Coles and we are all happy,” he said. 

Waleed then shot back brilliantly, “As if you do your own shopping”.

Dee Madigan then explained that this was a huge misstep for Coles, as the vast majority of customers are actually behind the bag ban.

“These are keyboard warriors,” Price spoke over her. “What about the people who actually go and do the shopping and who have said to Coles, ‘No, we want our plastic bags’.

“You talk about plastic bags in the ocean, yeah that’s in South-East Asia, it’s not here. How many people in Dubbo are killing porpoises with plastic bags? None.”


Price then continued to interrupt and speak over Madigan as she tried to explain the statistics around plastic bags to him.

While the segment was still airing, thousands of The Project fans expressed their frustration on social media: