The pros and cons of being an only child that people with siblings will never understand.

Most only-kids would tell you there are some down-sides to being an only child. For example, a lack of companionship, bearing the burden of annoying parents alone, and having too much pressure from your parents.

But there are also plenty of upsides – such as never having to share, and getting all the attention for yourself.

Then there are those who express their experience in a unique way; with humour. And via Twitter, so the public can share in their hilarity.

Here are the funniest tweets we’ve found on the pros and cons of being an only child:

Con: toy brands can be so insensitive:


Con: the attention can be a little intense:


Pro: not having to worry about other people can be so liberating:

Pro: you get to celebrate “me” all the time:



Con: it can get a little lonely at times…but at least you always win:

So cheers to being an only child – and don’t forget to thank your parents.