The Crown’s last season includes a salacious scene, with an awkward on-set story behind it.

The Crown is having a moment right now in more ways than one.

The final episodes of the final season have just started streaming on Netflix which follows weeks of the royals being embroiled in their biggest scandal since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did Oprah: this year's royal book fiasco where two royals who had allegedly made 

racial remarks were named in a tell-all book by accident. 

As I said, they're having a moment. And three of the major players in the scandal — Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton — are all set to have their early lives put to film on The Crown, a series relaying the most pivotal moments in Queen Elizabeth II's reign. 

The second part of The Crown picks up after the tragic death of Princess Diana, as her sons grapple with their grief while trying to navigate rebuilding their lives in her honour. 

And of course, Will then meets Kate, marking the beginning of the royal family getting their mojo back after falling out of favour with the public in the shadow of Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana's death.   

Watch the trailer for the final instalment of The Crown. Post continues after video.

Video via Netflix. 

The future Prince and Princess of Wales started dating after crossing paths in 2001 while they were students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Ten years later, Prince William and Kate were married in 2011 in the royal wedding to end all royal weddings.


In the series, the royals are played by relatively unknown actors with Ed McVey as Prince William, Meg Bellamy as Kate Middleton, and Luther Ford as Prince Harry.

We spoke to the three young actors ahead of the release of part two of season six of The Crown.

The actors who played Harry, William and Kate in The Crown on portraying the real-life people. 

The three young actors are playing three of the most famous people on earth. When asked if it was a daunting task to prepare to play three of the most documented people in the history of pop culture, Ed shared that The Crown production teams eased their stress a lot. 

"You get so much help. It's not like you get cast and now come back in three weeks, or three months, and you're going to do the role. You get given so much stuff to read and research," McVey said, regarding his preparation to play William.

Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey in The Crown. Image: Netflix. 


"You get your hand held throughout the whole process. You're not left by yourself or to figure it out on your own. And you get a lot of movement coaching and vocal coaching."

While Harry and William were followed and filmed by the media since the moment they were born, finding information and videos of Kate in her younger years proved a difficult task. "She's not documented in her university years, but I found her interacting with people [later in life] very useful," Meg said. 

"I found videos of Kate interacting with crowds — when you can barely hear her — quite interesting, because it's not a speech, it's not rehearsed. It's not an interview; it's her speaking to people."

But one Kate Middleton moment from her early years that has been documented was her turn as a runway model. Middleton famously walked the catwalk at a St Andrews University charity fashion show while wearing a sheer dress.

Thankfully, this moment was captured in The Crown and it took some coaching for Meg to feel confident enough to pull it off in the scene. 

"I did some movement work with Polly Bennett, our movement coach on The Crown. It was never about 'this is how to catwalk' but it was always about confidence and having a sense of fun, because I think in reality, that's how it was in the actual St. Andrews fashion shows... there were drinks, music, and it was highly anticipated," Meg shared.


Meg Bellamy in Kate Middleton's infamous fashion show scene. Image: Netflix. 

"Polly would make me do this thing where I would catwalk to one side of the room, I think it was over 'Kiss' by Prince, and I had to turn around and go, 'I am Kate Middleton!' [laughs]

"At first, I was like reeling because that obviously takes a lot of confidence [to do], but by the end of it, I was just saying it for fun. You don't take yourself seriously. That was the point [of Kate's fashion show debut], it was to have fun."  


Interesting that this scene from The Crown, widely regarded as one of the more salacious moments from both show history and royal history, has a slightly awkward story behind it. 

Fun seemed to be the vibe on the set of The Crown. When asked what went on behind the scenes of the acclaimed series, McVey joked "Lots of high fives. Lots of eating. Like there's lots of snackage going on pretty consistently. Lots of chats and what else is going on? Ginger shots, always shotting ginger!"

The three actors' ages ranged from 21 to 24 which meant that they didn't have memories from most of the periods they were portraying. 

"We were babies when this timeline was happening, so you don't have the same intrinsic understanding as you haven't lived through any of it," McVey said. 

"You can disconnect the people from the character on the page because none of us know this character. I don't know this character. I'd never seen it on TV or anything, so I was able to unpack the character that [creator] Peter [Morgan] wrote and try to make sense of them." 

But Luther added that he did watch the Kate and Will royal wedding growing up, noting that "there are some events that are hard to miss."

Every episode of the final season of The Crown can be streamed on Netflix.

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