The Commando's kids are so active, his nine-year-old is doing a 'TRYathlon'.

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What is the secret to having active kids?

It’s an age old question that we’ve been pondering since the dawn of time technology.

Now that our little ones have gained access to the internet and all the sparkly distractions that come with it, it seems they’re not as keen to move their butts off the couch. Why go climb a tree when there are YouTube videos to watch? Who would wake up early to play soccer when they could stay in bed and play FIFA with their mates on the Xbox?

Enter Steve Willis. Better known as The Commando. He’s a man on a mission to get your kids up and running, and he says it just takes one little change to do it.

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Speaking on This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s podcast about family life, Steve gave a very simple answer to this question.

“Be active yourself as a parent,” the father of four told hosts Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo.

“It’s monkey see, money do. It’s setting the environment and what is considered the norm, and the best way to do it is to live your word.”

With four kids aged one to 18 – three to ex-partners and a baby son with current partner Michelle Bridges – there are a lot of eyes on Steve. And it’s pretty safe to say these fitness nuts are setting a good example.

Deck chair workout ???? there’s always a way!

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“We live in an apartment and there’s a gym in the building. We take them in there and they’ll sit off on the sides and do their colouring in. I don’t expect them to do what we’re doing, but you find from time to time they’ll get up and they’ll join in.

“Axel, he’s not even two and that’s all he knows. He’ll get the cardboard roll out of the cling wrap once it’s all used and that’s his little barbell. He just does it of his own volition.”

And this approach is obviously working for the older kids too – Steve’s nine-year-old daughter Ella is running in Sanatarium’s kids ‘Tryathlon‘. That’s a 75m swim, a 3km cycle, and a 500m run. Phew! That’s more than I could do!

But this is good news for anyone who actually is that way inclined. You no longer have to feel guilty about bailing on your kids to nip out to the gym or go for a run.

That ‘me time’ you thought was so self-indulgent? Well it’s actually doing your kids a world of good. Better yet, bring them with you!

“Guilt or shame is the one thing that is our undoing,”  Steve says.

Now get out there and set a good example. Although to be honest, that would be a whole lot easier if Steve was our trainer! Swoon….

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