Here's what the cast of Sister Act looks like now (It's been 23 years. Really.)


In what seems to be the millionth remake announced this year alone, Disney is making a Sister Act remake. While we’re sure you’d love to get your friends together, sing in a choir and recreate this gif…

….Don’t get too excited. Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t even signed on (yet). So we’re not sure what to expect from this remake, really.

The original movie was everything we loved about the 90s. It had Whoopi Goldberg. It had mobsters. It had a killer soundtrack.

Watch the trailer below. Post continues after video.

It grossed over $300 million and went on to spawn a sequel (creatively titled Sister Act 2) and a broadway musical in 2006.

And it had a truly fantastic cast, who have all been up to some pretty exciting stuff in the 23 years since the original movie came out. We tracked them down and checked out what the cast looks like now.

Do you think you’ll watch the Sister Act remake? 

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