Unscrupulous tradies ripped off "single mums" on The Block.

“What’s a chippie?”

They’re billed as “the single mums” — even though one of them isn’t actually single — and they are, oddly for a show about renovating, clueless when it comes to renovating.

Taking advantage of their naivete, some unscrupulous tradies ripped off Suzi Taylor, 44, and Yvonne Cosier, 39, early in their endeavors on The Block.

True believers in “an eye for an eye”, the sort-of-single mums used their breast implants womanly wiles to make up for the shortfall and get good quotes after their initial setbacks.

Suzi Taylor and Yvonne Cosier.

“When it came to negotiating prices… if you know what things cost it would be easier… we did get dudded in the beginning. It was like, ‘they have no clue what the costs are,’” Cosier told News.com.au.

“We certainly lost out on money initially, 100 per cent. We would have had more money in the end, had we been more savvy to begin with.”

Cosier works as a personal trainer, while Taylor is a real estate agent. They pair met on the set of TV show Beastmasters 16 years ago.

Former Penthouse Pet Taylor said she worked harder than ever before.

“I’ve got no trade qualifications … I don’t really know anything about trades. Or what they do,” she said.

“We had to seek help at every point because we had no idea,” Cosier added.

Surely OH&S has something to say about this?

Which begs the question: how did the pair even get cast?

Not to cast aspersions on Channel Nine’s motives, but is it really necessary for contestants on a renovating show to constantly be wearing bikinis? Genuine question. Oh, it is? OK, I stand corrected.

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