The detail in The Block bathroom reveal that got one couple completely torn into.

The Block‘s Hayden and Sara ran into a bit of trouble in Sunday night’s bathroom reveal.

The judges criticised the couple’s room for having too many design details – namely the vertical garden wall, which was apparently a big no-no.

“I am not liking anything that I am seeing in here,” said Neale Whitaker, which was… tough.

“I feel this bathroom is not big enough.

“This thing behind me feels like two other people and I’m completely overwhelmed by it.

“It (vertical garden) dominated the room and not in a good way. This feels so over the top, it’s just an ugly choice. It just doesn’t feel refined. It’s not high-end and I also find it quite dated.”

Judge Shaynna Blaze agreed. She didn’t like the brass taps, brass light finishings, statement tiles and garden, and said their job was “very weak styling”.

The Block bathroom reveal
The judges were not a fan. Image: The Block.
The Block bathroom reveal
Brass taps AND light fixtures? Image: The Block.

And okay... it might look a little out-of-place, and looking after a plant wall doesn't seem like fun, but surely they get points for creativity?

Unfortunately, the judges didn't think so. Hayden and Sara's mistakes earned them a score of 21.5, the lowest out of the five couples.

Sara - who has named the 'villain' of the 2018 season - was taken aback by the judges' feedback. As the scores were being added, she turned to Hayden and said "are you f**king serious?".

However, many fans weren't convinced either, showing their disapproval on Twitter.


Others thought the judges were a bit harsh.


The 'stone bathroom' issue.

Other drama ensued when Norm and Jess had a little internet shopping issue with what they thought was a stone bathtub.

Jess had a bit of buyer's remorse after she realised the bathtub was actually made of plastic. Oops.

Luckily the judges didn't seem too fazed and said it was a more practical choice that still looked luxe.

The Block bathroom reveal
You could have fooled us. Image: The Block.

Still, it was enough to have fans concerned.



Ultimately, in the end, Perth couple Hans and Christie won with a score of 25.5. The judges praised them for their use of terrazzo tiles and the creative use of a pot plant that looked like a crying man.

The Block bathroom reveal
An elegant, clean and simple bathroom won Courtney and Hans the highest score. Image: The Block.
The Block bathroom reveal
The judges loved this pot plant. Image: The Block.

So to recap... unique, and slightly uncomfortable looking pot plants are in, and vertical gardens are most definitely out.

Did you watch the bathroom reveal episode of The Block? What was your favourite bathroom? Tell us in a comment.

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