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WATCH: The most unforgettable wedding entrance. Ever.


“I just love you so much that I want to slam my body onto your body in a totally non-sexual way.”

We’re pretty sure that thought was running through this husband’s head when he and his wife went with a zip-line entrance at their wedding. That’s right – zip-lining. As in, attaching yourself to a cable and flying through the air.

Because that was never going to go wrong AT ALL. Cough cough cough.

Watch the video below to see why the event didn’t quite go to plan:

Watch and learn, kids: if there is one way to make a wedding special, it’s ziplining. Because there’s nothing quite like a zip-lining injury to bring you back down to earth (get it?) after all the wedding merriment and festivities are over.

At least the couple (and the rest of the world, thanks to whoever put it on Youtube) will forever remember their special day.

Did you make any poor choices at your wedding?