SHARE: The best case for public breastfeeding you'll ever hear.



It’s astounding that in 2013 mothers are being discriminated against for breastfeeding their babies in public. The fact that women are made to feel embarrassed and ashamed for doing one of the most natural things in the world is beyond absurd.

It was only in January that Sunrise co-anchor, David Koch suggested that breastfeeding mothers should be “classy about it,” by either turning around their chairs or covering their exposed breasts with something like a muslin or nursing cloth.

Hollie McNish, a British poet and spoken word artist, has posted a video about her experiences of breastfeeding in public called “Embarrassed,” on YouTube on July 4, just six days later the video was viewed over 445,000 times.

If you can’t watch it now, bookmark this post and come back to watch it later, McNish’s spoken word poem is one of the most powerful cases we’ve ever seen for breastfeeding in public – not that we needed convincing.

One of the rap-like verses in the poem (picture it being spoken by Lily Allen/Eminem hybrid):

“They said: there might be a man or nervous child seeing this small piece of flesh that they weren’t quite expecting.
So I whispered and tiptoed with nervous discretion.
But after six months of her life sat sitting on lids,
Sipping on milk, nostrils sniffing on piss,
Trying not to bang her head on toilet roll dispensers,
I wonder if these public loo feeds offend her,
‘Cause I’m getting tired of discretion and being polite.
My baby’s first sips are drown-drenched in shite…”

Have you ever felt judged for breastfeeding in public? Or how do you react when you see mothers breastfeeding?