We've noticed something peculiar about The Bachelorette's Sam.

Over the last few weeks, my sister and I have been recapping The BacheloretteAnd it turns out that when you closely watch every episode of a TV show multiple times, you notice things. Interesting things. 

Hmm, I see. Image via Giphy.

You guys, it's Sam.

In all honesty, there's many things we've noticed about him. There's the fact that he seems completely unaware of what TV show he's on, although if we asked him, we feel like he'd say Survivor. There's the fact that he has a slightly disconcerting obsession with Rhys, to the point where he does impersonations of him and repeatedly refers to him as a 'peanut.'

Oh, and he also hasn't acknowledged Georgia in at least two weeks, and is a very sore loser. But the most peculiar thing I've noticed about Sam has nothing to do with his (hopefully ironic) personality or lack of self-awareness. It's his clothing.


WHHHHHHAT?!?! Image via Giphy.

Let me explain.

It all started on the first group date, where the dudes and Georgia had their Mills and Boon photoshoot. Here's Sam chillin' with Clancy and Aaron.

Specimen A. Image via Channel 10.

"Oh, that's a nice jacket," I hear you say. "Denim is in, and it goes with everything. I also like the woolen neckline."

Well, so does Sam.

In episode three, the boys went trapezing. You might remember that Sam sucked and was upset because Rhys was good. You might also remember that THIS was what he was wearing when he stood watching Georgia do her tricks.

Looks great. Very comfy. Image via Channel 10.

Fair enough. It definitely does look like it's winter, and let's be honest, we've all got a lack of jackets. We live in Australia for God's sake.

Maybe it's his LUCKY JACKET?

In episode four Sam wasn't invited on the group date (which quite frankly, is bullshit) so he couldn't wear his jacket. BUT come episode five, and Sam was wearing the famous jacket again while he told the camera's he didn't understand anything about this show and most definitely had no idea who "Matteo" was.

"If he wasn't wearing this jacket, I don't know him." Image via Channel 10.

AND THEN in last night's episode, the jacket made SEVERAL APPEARANCES.

He wore it while Osher was delivering the single date card, although he remained very confused as to what was going on.

"I want to vote...RHYS off the island." Image via Channel 10.

And then AGAIN in a piece-to-camera, where he almost exclusively makes fun of Rhys.

"I literally can't stop bitching about Rhys. I've tried and I can't." Image via Channel 10.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Sam's jacket, and his decision to wear it on multiple occasions. It looks warm, and practical, and it's kept him safe so far.

But somehow, by the look of next week's promo, we don't think Sam's lucky jacket will get him too much further. It probably has something to do with the fact that he's spent far more time wearing the jacket than he has thinking about Georgia.

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