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"He was quite inappropriate." What The Bachelorette's Jess was really like when the cameras stopped rolling.

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This year’s season of The Bachelorette certainly contains some large personalities.

There’s two lovely men with long hair and exquisite fashion taste and a man who thinks rainbow socks are a romantic gift taking up most of the screen time.

So, when we said goodbye to a lovely man named Glenn on Thursday night’s episode, we didn’t really know… much about him.

Mamamia’s super fan meets the bachelorette Angie Kent. Post continues below video.

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But what we did know, we liked.

The 31-year-old business owner and refrigeration mechanic from Perth was one of the men who, during the second episode’s cocktail party, told Noosa politician Jess his gross, sexist behaviour was unacceptable.

Jess said that if he had a chance at the previous group date, he would have “just grabbed that sweetie and laid one on her”, before adding that he wouldn’t have minded if Angie didn’t want him kissing her because he had kissed plenty of girls who have turned their heads away. He laughed about it.

The group of men sitting near him – Glenn, Haydn and Tom (with one m) – directly called him out. That is totally inappropriate, they told him. That is not okay.

Speaking to Mamamia after his elimination, Glenn said that wild cocktail party was just as big of a sh*t show as we saw.


“We’d all spent time with Jess and he was quite inappropriate off camera, even around us boys and after that group date,” he said.

“When he came into that cocktail party,  there had been a lot of things that had led up to that, there were so many instances and it was time that everyone started calling him out. There wasn’t just one guy, as you’ve seen, most of the boys in the mansion were really calling him out.

“I’m pretty proud of the guys as a collective really standing up to that stuff. In this day and age, there’s so much about and it’s not okay and it was really nice to see the collective of boys stand up and actually call him out.”

Glenn The Bachelorette
Image: Network 10.

Glenn said that all of the men have been shown on screen just as they are in real life.

"You can't hide people's personality traits, they come through. Some might be magnified, but most of the time it's really accurate. There's been nothing really surprising [watching it back]."

It's a shame we didn't get to see much of Glenn, who said he was not surprised to be sent home when he was because he and Angie realised there wasn't a "spark".

"Some nice chats I had with Angie didn't get shown, the bantering with the boys, a lot of it didn't get shown. They have their characters that get shown. My stand-up routine didn't get shown: It didn't go badly but it didn't go amazingly... I didn't nail it but I didn't get naked to get a laugh. I got a laugh without taking my clothes off," he joked, referring poor Scot who... did get naked to get a laugh.

"It was terrifying and awesome at the same time. It was hands down the best experience of my time on the show.

"We got stitched up, there was so much nervous energy for hours leading into that and then we all got up on stage and delivered and there was such a buzz in the group after that. It was something you'd never dream of doing."

After being eliminated Glenn hopped straight on a plane to Bali to celebrate his birthday with his twin brother Neil. It was the best way to move on from such a crazy experience.

But... who does he think will win in the end?

"I think Jackson is the dark horse," he told Mamamia.

"He's up there in the front runners, but not quite getting as much [on screen] time... He's a grounded, down-to-earth guy, he's funny with a genuine personality and has a connection with Angie. I think Jackson's one to watch."