The Bachelorette casting call is out and it's led to a huge conspiracy theory.

Casting for Season Three of The Bachelorette Australia has opened with a rather unusual addition.

The call out came via a post on the television show’s official Instagram account with a caption that asked followers to tag their eligible friends.

“Casting for The Bachelorette is OPEN! Do you have a single mate that you want to dob in? Tag him!”

It seemed like a regular post until I clicked the link to discover the website is asking for men and women to apply.

“You must meet the age criteria (Women: 25-35 years and Men: 23-35 years).”


It’s purely speculation at this point but it would seem as though this year we have a bisexual Bachelorette.

Immediately I thought of past bisexual contestants Megan and Tiffany. The pair met as contestants on The Bachelor before entering into a relationship of their own afterwards.

The pair recently broke up after moving together to Indonesia. Tiffany is now said to be living in Perth, while Megan continues to post photos to social media from Canggu in Bali.


Megan was always a favourite during Richie Strahan’s season on The Bachelor despite never harbouring strong affection for the man.

Have a look at Tiffany and Megan’s best Insta snaps. Article continues after gallery.


Could it be that Megan or Tiffany is this year’s Bachelorette? It wouldn’t be too bad of a theory except they both continue to post on social media.

Social media accounts are usually silenced in the weeks that lead up to the host’s big reveal. If it were Megan or Tiffany, it would seem as though the show is making even more changes to production.

It’s more likely that if the new Bachelorette is indeed bisexual, the producers have found somebody new altogether.

What do you think? Could this be a sign of a bisexual Bachelorette or are we getting ahead of ourselves with excitement? 

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