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The three words Ali said on The Bachelorette last night that have us very confused.

We’re… confused.

No, not just because the promo for last night’s episode of The Bachelorette promised us drama we did not receive, but also because bachelorette Ali Oetjen said something… weird.

It went down after a group date, when Ali and 29-year-old Generic Brand Magic Mike Ivan were having a chat about wanting children.

Ali was gobsmacked when Ivan told her he wanted five kids in the next five years.


"Is that in the next five years for you?," Ali asked... scared for her life and her uterus.

She was clearly surprised: "Holy moly... Ivan wants five kids in five years, that means I'm going to be pregnant every year up until I'm 41," she said to camera.

"Until I'm 41."

Hold on a second.

According to Channel 10, Ali is 32, so in five years time... she'll be 37.

Us (and Ali) doing math.

Where did those extra four years come from?

It's all very confusing, but we struggle with numbers on a good day, let alone when we're trying to find love on a reality TV show for the third time and talking to a very tall man who has an unusual obsession with Channing Tatum.

That stuff will age you.

Some further research, however, assured us that when Ali appeared on The Bachelor in 2013, she was 27, so it makes sense that she's now 32.  Her LinkedIn information about her education and past employment also appears consistent with being in her early thirties.

Look, sometimes we all get flustered and say weird things.

The rest of Ali and Ivan's chat was... not interesting. Basically, he is both in love with and wants to be Channing Tatum.

At the cocktail party Ivan was not confident of his chances so he did... yep, you guessed it, a dance.

The rest of the bachelors died of secondhand embarrassment, but Ali was weirdly into it and Ivan was safe for another week.

Channel 10 has been contacted for comment.