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Last night, Australia fell in love with Konrad. So he definitely won't win The Bachelorette.

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We are only two weeks into Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette, but we've already fallen hook, line and sinker for sweet angel Konrad.

First of all, the lad turned up on the red carpet with a love seat that he needed Brooke's help building. A bold move! That same night, he became a victim of the season's first, quote, "dog act", when Jess took Brooke to the seat before Konrad had a chance to christen it like he'd hoped

The betrayal! The audacity!

Watch: Konrad and Brooke's single date. Post continues below video.

Video via 10Play.

The next day, Konrad shined during the photoshoot date by getting one back over Jess - hijacking her photos by pretending to propose to (a very flattered) Brooke. 

By this point, we were well and truly down for Konrad's storyline, from downtrodden seat-maker to serious contender. 

Then on Thursday's episode, Konrad and Brooke had a super sweet self-care themed date, involving massages, face masks and painting each other's nails. 

This man is a goddamn unicorn.


Later that night, Brooke admitted she felt appreciated and safe with Konrad and became super emotional over how... wonderful he is. Same.

She cried, he cried, everyone cried.

"It feels like I've just met my forever partner," he said. "She's definitely a girl that I could fall in love with."


The problem is that we've been here before multiple times - and it never ends well.

Because as much as we the people love him and very much want to see him and Brooke happy together, we're pretty sure we are going to watch him get his heart broken when she doesn't choose him. Because this is The Bachelorette and we have unresolved trust issues.

Remember Todd in tears? Remember Matty J doubled over in pain? Remember when they made us love Timm SO DAMN MUCH and then made us watch as his heart was ripped out when Angie chose Carlin with the good face?



OR THIS??? Image: Channel 10.

OH MY GOD OR THIS. Image: Channel 10.


We're being set up for heartbreak. Production are making us fall for sweet, pure Konrad, and then somewhere near the end of the season - maybe top 4, maybe top 3, maybe finale - we'll have to grit our teeth and peer between our fingers as we watch him have his heart broken.

That is straight out of The Bachelorette playbook and it's damn right cruel.

(Side note: if Konrad turns out to be another Timm or Ciaran, who received the greatest edits of all time only to turn out to be... not the angels we thought they would be, I will riot.)

There is one upside to all this, though. 

The Bachelor Australia 2022? What do we reckon?

Feature image: Channel 10.

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