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"Have the producers just doubled the booze budget?". All the best reactions to Irena's storm-off on The Bachelor.

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Once again, The Bachelor served up a healthy dish stuffed with drama, feuding and lamas. But this episode we also got a few nuggets of L-O-V-E when Bella was picked for a single date and told Locky that she's officially falling in love with him.

Cute! ...we think? It's hard to follow the fairytale when there is so much drama going around, to be honest.

Watch Locky decorate a cake while answering rapid fire questions. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

Following the cuteness (??) there was another explosive cocktail party.

When Bella waltzes into the cocktail party with a rose in one hand and Locky holding the other, you just know that sh*t is about to hit the fan.

Irena is already shaken up, and hearing about how Bella has reconnected with Locky and they are stronger than ever, just pushes her over the edge.

"Bella has come back so confident, and I don't know where I stand now."


"I've been waiting my entire life for Locky. And the fact he might be slipping through my fingers is devastating. The thought of not being with him is already breaking my heart. Like, should I just go home now?" 

We know we were watching with awkward faces as all this heartbreak unfolded. But what did the rest of Australia think? Here, we round up the best Twitter reactions to tonight's episode of The Bachelor.

Feature Image: Channel 10.

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