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'Five outfits in five minutes.' The editing fail that has us convinced Sogand and Abbie's feud is a... lie.

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This week we’ve been going about our lives as usual: Work, food, sleep, a wine or two.

But throughout it all, there’s been a weight on our shoulders.

Mamamia meets the Bachelor Matt Agnew. Post continues below video.

Video by Mamamia

We’ve been… plagued by something, and we couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Is the feud between Abbie and Sogand on The Bachelor real?

It’s very important.

On Wednesday’s episode of  The Bachelor, we saw Sogand confront Abbie at the cocktail party about how she thought Abbie was ‘fake’ and ‘not there for the right reasons’.

But if you were so enthralled in the drama like us, you probably missed a wee editing fail (or five) that could show the feud is not what it has been made out to be.

You see – during a five minute window, Sogand appeared on screen in five different outfits.

That’s… too many. No woman in the history of the world would put themselves through that, especially when one of those outfits is a tight fitting cocktail dress you just know would require a lot of shimmying to get off.

sogand the bachelor
sogand the bachelor
sogand the bachelor
sogand the bachelor
sogand the bachelor


Which leaves us with a couple of other possibilities:

  1. Her pieces to camera were filmed at other times and taken out of context
  2. Producers didn't like her original interviews and made her do them again... and again... and again
  3. Sogand is a MAGICIAN

Another ~telling~ sign is a subtle camera change during Sogand and Abbie's confrontation, where the camera switches from a static shot with... nothing distracting going on, to then another shot where a WEIRD PLANT has come out of nowhere to block the left side.

sogand abbie the bachelor
Nothing to see here
sogand abbie the bachelor

Why... is that there?

It suggests the camera has moved, possibly for a re-take, and the whole argument wasn't as spontaneous as it was made out to be.

So has this feud been manipulated for dramatic effect? Maybe.

SHOCKING information, we know.

Of course, the Sogand and Abbie drama flowed into Thursday's show as well (and ended in another cocktail party confrontation), after Abbie found out Sogand had told Matt's friend Kate she didn't think Abbie was being honest about her intentions for being on the show.

Sogand was convinced that because of this, Abbie would be sent home but... Well, nah.

Bachie really likes her, but also, it makes great TV drama and the producers are not about to let that go so easily.

Plus, Sogand threw literally everyone in the mansion under the bus when she said they'd all been talking about Abbie behind her back, so that's bound to create a whole heap of content for the next few episodes.

We can assume the Sogand vs Abbie war will continue to rage, editing fails and all.

Until next week, friends.

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