The uncomfortable way the audience reacted when Cat and Romy appeared on The Project.


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Cat Henesey-Smith and Romy Poulier, two of the three women who have been labelled the ‘Mean Girls’ of this series of The Bachelor, appeared on The Project last night to answer questions about their bullying on the reality TV series.

Cat explained that she doesn’t blame the nation for not warming to her personality, saying “We do apologise for offending people and we do regret some of the things we did in there.”

And then Romy, 29, said something.

“We don’t condone bullying. It’s not in either of our nature.”

Which did not sit particularly… well.

“And I think that’s the biggest thing that has upset me,” Romy continued. “Just seeing this one person on screen which is just not how it was meant to be.”

To quickly recap, Romy and Cat, together with third ‘Mean Girl’ Alisha, have consistently shamed, bullied and gaslighted the other women also vying for the Honey Badger’s love, as shown over a number of episodes.

Together they have made fun of a fellow contestant for wearing a crop top despite not having abs, laughed with relief when they saw what the intruders looked like, and Romy made a woman cry for kissing the bachelor, Nick Cummins. Just to mention a few examples.

So when Romy said that bullying is “not in either of our nature”, the panellists and audience were understandably a little bit shocked. Audible laughter could be heard in the background as the audience chuckled at the paradoxical nature of Romy’s sentiment.

However, Cat explained to the hosts that they have both received death threats and hundreds of messages ridiculing their appearances, which has most likely caused Cat and Romy to see their own bullying behaviour in a new light.

“I think it’s fair to say whatever happened on screen, bullying off screen isn’t necessarily the answer to it,” Waleed Aly replied.

Nevertheless, when asked about being a paid actor and if Romy approached the show as an audition piece for Mean Girls 3, Romy had an interesting response…

“No, but like, if they’re writing one I’ll sign up.”