Celeb in 5: Friday's best entertainment and gossip news.

Ahhh Friday.

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We hear you. We see you. We give you:

Friday’s best entertainment and gossip news. Some serious, some not.

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1. The Bachelor’s Jen Hawke speaks for the first time about her experience in a violent relationship.

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One of this season's most memorable Bachelor contestants, Jen Hawke, has opened up about her experience with domestic violence in an effort to shed light on the issue.


"When I was just 20 years of age I was a victim of domestic violence," she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

"For me it was one incredibly violent incident and I somehow found the strength to leave and walk away from my relationship.

"Fortunately for me, circumstances ensured I stayed away from my abuser and never fell back into that relationship."

Without being specific, Jen said "recent events" highlighted to her how important it was to speak about domestic violence. She said she knows many women aren't so fortunate when it comes to getting out of an unhealthy relationship and encouraged her followers to check in on the women in their lives.

"I implore all of you to check on your daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. Read between the lines and pay attention to the small details of their situations."

If you would like to someone to talk to more about domestic abuse call 1800RESPECT.

2. Jasmine Yarbrough shares what it's like to date Karl. In about 20 words.

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Ever since photos of Jasmine Yarbrough and Karl Stefanovic enjoying themselves on a yacht surfaced, a certain amount of scrutiny has been on the pair. 'Who is she? What's her name? What's her job? What did she have for breakfast?' news outlets yelled.

It's the Today Show host's first relationship since splitting from his wife of 21 years, Cass Thorburn, and as Yarbrough found out, dating a divorced man with such a high profile has its drawbacks. Like being stalked on a yacht, for example. Fun.

"I don’t think anyone expects this or prepares to have this much attention, it’s been very hard," she told News Corp.

"It was tough at the start, but I guess it’s not my focus. I just let it go, (and) not add to it as much as I can."

She told the publication she and Karl have kept their relationship as private as possible to give it the best chance to survive.

"I believe in preserving a part of your life just for yourself and your partner to enjoy and nurture and not to share with the wider audience, as this is sacred, special time."

You hear that? That's the sound of the shoe designer very politely telling you to keep your nose out of it.


Well played, Yarbrough. Well played.

Love the Bachelor? You need to listen to Bach Chat. Post continues after audio.

3. Kate Middleton had a second wedding dress that everyone forgot about.

You know what we never hear of enough? The Royals!

We kid. We hear enough. And yet, we want more.

So, did you know, when Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, she had a second wedding dress?

What? She had a second wedding dress? Oh yes, she had a second wedding dress. It perhaps...wasn't as popular.

According to Channel 9, the Duchess of Cambridge slipped into the other dress for her second wedding reception, held in the evening. Designed by Sarah Burton, who was also the brains behind her first dress, this one was far more subtle, and even came with a stunning cardigan.

The Duchess wasn't the only one to change her attire, with all wedding guests expected to switch to their evening clothes for the reception. That, um, seems like a lot of work? But then, so is the life of the royals.

4. Need a holiday? You can stay in Nina Proudman's home now, thanks.

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It's the question on everyone's lips: Is Nina Proudman's home from Offspring available to stay in for a holiday via the world's largest accommodation site, Airbnb?

And finally, we have an answer.

Yes, yes it is.

The three-bedroom Victorian-style house in Fitzroy has a garden studio, and most likely contains Patrick's ghost. Sorry.

In real life, the home is owned by interior designer Kali Cavanagh, who told Domain, “Whether they’re wanting to experience what it’s like to live like Nina Proudman, to enjoy a curated space or simply explore the amazing cafes and restaurants in the Fitzroy community, it’s always a pleasure to share my home with new people.”

You can check it out right here.

5. Oh, um, much of the internet just realised what the name of Rihanna's makeup line means. Including us.

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When make up fanatics saw the name of Rihanna's line they were slightly confused.

The range is called 'Fenty Beauty', which according to our thorough research, isn't the name 'Rihanna' or even the name 'Rihanna' spelt backwards. How... peculiar.

Instead, Fenty references Rihanna's real name, which is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

She very rarely uses the name professionally, although she did once have a collection with Puma named 'Fenty x Puma'.

Fans are very annoyed at themselves that they didn't draw the connection sooner, and have been apologising profusely online. We accept their apologies.

Fenty Beauty was launched earlier this month, and includes makeup to cater to all skin tones.