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YES. WELL. Matt and Chelsie had sex "a few times" as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.


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We’ve just been given a ring side seat to Chelsie and Matt’s South African bedroom.

The couple appeared on Kyle and Jackie O this morning after last night’s The Bachelor finale and were probed for details on their sex life, because well, that’s what Kyle does.

Chelsie divulged to the shock jock that she was “dying” for alone time with her new boyfriend after he declared his love for her, going on to admit that they slept together “a few times” on their first night together.

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Video by MMC

Matt added that, “Before we get shipped back to Australia, we get to have one night together”.

Chelsie explained that things heated up after a kiss on the couch.

“We were just sitting on the couch making out, hey,” she told the radio duo, before explaining that things yes – did continue on into the bedroom.


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I love you

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Matt told The Daily Telegraph in an interview there was “absolutely no funny business during the show”.

“You are with people the whole time, you are always mic’d up, you are always in front of the cameras, kissing is as much as you see and as much that happened. We very much waiting until we had our private moment together,” he said.

In last night’s finale Matt said goodbye to runner-up Abbie Chatfield, telling long time frontrunner Chelsie, “I never believed in such a thing as a perfect woman until I met you. You encapsulate everything that I am looking for in a woman”.


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This has been an absolutely incredible experience but I found exactly what I was looking for. I love you @chelsiemcleod #thebachelorau

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Following the loved up couple’s appearance on the show, it was Abbie’s turn to appear on Kyle and Jackie O and the Queenslander was left devastated after hearing about the intimate details of the hours after Matt broke up with her.

“They were making out and feeling each other, then he lifted her up and took her to the bedroom. He took all his clothes off and [they slept together], so you need to move on as well,” Kyle told her after she admitted she wasn’t really over him.

After hearing Kyle’s, erm, unnecessary description, Abbie started to cry.

Earlier in the interview, she admitted she’d cried for four months straight.

In an Instagram post uploaded after the finale, the 23-year-old said, “I didn’t think this would be how we would end. I spent weeks crying about this relationship that had almost no closure. I still haven’t fully healed from my relationship with Matt”.

the bachelor abbie
Abbie was left devastated after hearing about Matt and Chelsie's sex life on radio this morning. Image: Ten.

Matt and Chelsie in the meantime are making the most of being able to share their relationship with the world.

After the finale finally unveiled the secrecy surrounding them, the pair shared a smiley loved up piece to camera last night in which Matt told fans, "Thanks for your support, obviously I picked Chelsie and yeah I couldn't be happier.

Both posted updates to their Instagram professing their love for each other.