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"What a hot mess." All the best reactions to Bella's minor meltdown on The Bachelor.

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We may have expected a bit of peace in the mansion this week following the epic walkout of Roxi/Rhonda, but that expectation was WELL OFF. Because boy, did The Bachelor deliver on drama tonight.

First, we were greeted to a shocking visual of Locky blindfolded in his undies as the remaining ladies communicated with touch, so they could ~physically reconnect~ after far too many Zoom dates.

Watch Locky decorate a cake while answering rapid fire questions. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

Then the beef between Bella and Irena ramped up once again as Irena 'deliberately' scribbled over Bella's kiss on Locky's chest. Irena had some good anatomy comebacks, but ultimately lost the fight and Bella continued to be a sook over the entire episode.

...which didn't bode well when Irena was picked for the coveted single date. 

Locky explained that he wanted to take Irena on this date because she's so adventurous/outdoorsy/loves a hike. And let's just say that Bella believes with every bone in her body that this is a LIE.

Bella's fury builds up for the following 50 minutes and then boils over when she's having a chat with Locky at the cocktail party. She tries to explain to him that Irena is manipulating him and isn't really all that outdoorsy, and this side of Bella freaks Locky out big time.

Spoiler alert: Bella very nearly doesn't get a rose, and instead is dragged outside by Locky for a chat mid-rose-ceremony. Things are very tense. Very stressful. And then Bella gets a rose anyway.

*Eye roll*

But what did the Twittersphere think of all this Bachelor-based drama? We rounded up the best tweets from the evening so you can have a look-see.


Cringe cringe cringe cringe #TheBachelorAU #BachelorAU

— Lisa (@LisaFaye6) September 16, 2020

Feature Image: Channel 10.

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