We now know the question no woman ever wants to be asked by their boyfriend's brother.

Meeting your new partner’s family is awkward.

Especially when your every move is being filmed for national television and your lover is still kinda, sorta dating someone else.

So it doesn’t help when you’re hit with a whole host of inappropriate questions during that all important first meet and greet.

Just ask The Bachelor‘s Elise Stacy.

During the show’s finale – in which Australia already knew who had won eagerly awaited the announcement of who Matty J had chosen as ‘the one’ – Elise was subjected to what can only be described as the most awkward grilling of all time from Matty’s older brother, Tom.

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“Have you had many lovers in the past at all?” Tom asked the Bachelor hopeful literally five seconds after they first met.


Woah. This… this is happening.

It’s a rather strange way to open a conversation, not least of all because it’s a) not really any of Tom’s business and b) probably the most intimate of any question Tom could have possibly asked.

Also, for the brother of a guy who has spent the past eight weeks dating multiple women at once it kinda seems like an ironic line of questioning.


So, Tom, to help you out, we’ve listed a few other intimate things you should have asked Elise instead:

1. How many times a week do you shave your legs?

2. What is your favourite brand of tampon? Please explain your choice.

3. If you had to pinpoint a favourite freckle, which would it be?

4. Legitimately any other question, please.

Unfortunately for Elise, Tom’s weird harsh line of questioning didn’t help to land her the final rose.

But if there’s one silver lining to having your heart broken, it’s knowing you’ll never have to be asked this question ever again.

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