The Bachelor's Richie and Alex had the exact same weekend plans as Nikki. That spells awkward.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television reception, you’ll be aware that Richie Strahan recently chose Alex over Nikki in a tense Bachelor fight to the death finale.

As Australia’s collective hearts broke for Nikki, we wished one thing for her: that she would never, ever again have to see Alex and Richie, let alone interact with them in any way.

Of course, it’s tough when the man who rejected you and his chosen girlfriend are plastered all over the tabloid news, on every television channel and doing radio segments every morning.

But the final indignity for Nikki came on Saturday night, when Alex and Richie dared to make EXACTLY THE SAME plans as her.

No, they didn’t run into each other at the same fancy celebrity event.

Yes, according to social media, they both stayed in watching Grease on TV.

Exhibit A (Richie’s Instagram): 


Last nights antics on Snapchat while watching Grease Lightning! ????????????⚡️ Alex has the voice of an angel ????????

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Exhibit B (Nikki’s Snapchat): 

We weren't the only ones who noticed. Several of Richie's followers pointed out the calendar clash.

"OMG," wrote one. "THEY COPIED NIKKI. She was watching this last night as well."

"Pretty sure Nikki was watching Grease last night???" wrote another. "Would have preferred to be with her."

And then this: "Bahahahaha Nikki has a better singing voice."

While we can't help but commend their movie choice (top pick, guys), we think it would be best if Richie and Alex ran their future plans past Nikki in the future.

Just in case.