The old man who drives around rescue dogs in a tiny, homemade train.


A miniature, handmade train built for rescue dogs. News doesn’t get much better than this.

Eugene Bostick is 80 years old, but he’s not letting his advanced age stop him from doing good (or achieving internet fame, for that matter.)

The Fort Worth, Texas retiree started taking in abandoned local dogs a few years ago after people started dumping the unloved creatures on a dead-end street near his horse barn.

“[My brother and I] started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered,” Bostick told The Dodo. “We made a place for them to live.”

Now he’s found a new way to entertain the formerly abandoned dogs: A handmade “dog train” that he uses to escort his furry charges around town.

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Video via Storyful


Once or twice a week, Mr Bostick and the nine dogs he’s currently looking after jump into the dog train and set off for a special adventure.

Locals are now accustomed to seeing the retiree, geared up in his overalls and farm hat, taking his four-legged friends on day trips to the local creek, the forest or just the streets of the nearby town.

Texas dog train
Eugene Bostick at the wheel. (Photo: Imgur)


According to Mr Bostick, his canine charges love the adventure.

“Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited,” Mr Bostick told Dodo. “They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

Texas dog train
The dogs apparently love it. (Photo: Imgur)

In video footage of the slow-moving train the dogs can be seen barking happily, with some standing up on their hind legs to feel the wind in their fur and take in the sights.

Texas dog train
<3 (Photo: Imgur)

Cannot. Stop. Looking.