Actress posts epic spray after she was s**t shamed for selfie.

New Zealand actress Teuila Blakely has defended herself after being viciously trolled over a selfie she posted to Instagram with NRL Warriors player Konrad Hurrell.

In 2014, Blakely and Hurrell were part of a highly publicised scandal when a sex tape of the two of them was released via social media.

As a result the Warriors fined Hurrell $5,000 and he made a public apology for his ‘bad decision’. Blakely is seventeen years older than Hurrell.

Blakely was recently at Sydney Airport where she ran in to Hurrell, who she says she “hadn’t seen for months” and seeing him was “actually kind of cool”.

She decided to take a selfie with Hurrell which she shared on Instagram, captioning the image with, “Ooh look who I ran into.. Xo”.
As a result Blakely recieved hundreds of derogatory comments, like these:
Just some of the hate on Blakely’s post.
So she decided to defend herself in a video she shared on her Facebook page.
“So, I’m in Sydney … and on my way over it was really nice because I ran into my friend Konrad” Ms Blakely said. “And I just posted a photo of such because he’s my friend… and then everyone lost their damn motherf***ing minds!” she said.

“And basically, you know, it’s not even like bullying or f***ing trolling, it’s goddamn persecution … Anyway, I’m just here relaxing and letting you know and I’m still approximately giving, um, zero amount of f***s c***s!”

Following the release of the sex tape, which saw Blakely and Hurrell engaging in sex acts in a car, she received death threats and had a commercial partnership deal dropped.