Terry Richardson's baby shower was nothing like yours. (And that's probably a good thing).

He’s the 50-year-old photographer who likes his young models to call him Uncle Terry and has been accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour and exploitation of young models.

She’s his 30-something pregnant girlfriend whom he first met when she was his intern.

And together, photographer Terry Richardson and his girlfriend Alexandra “Skinny” Bolotow held a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of their twins.

At my first baby shower

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Several things sprung to mind when I saw the pictures. Mostly, though, I just wanted to know: what the hell is Martha Stewart doing there? 

Martha Stewart, Alex Bolotow and Terry Richardson. Image via Instagram.

Such a fun baby shower yesterday! We were so touched by all the love and good vibes (and this great cake!) ???????????????????? A photo posted by Terry Richardson (@terryrichardson) on


It’s unclear whether any guests were persuaded to engage in sexual acts they’d later regret at the fun gathering.

Party favours.

It’s also unclear how Richardson and Bolotow intend to explain his body of work, much of which features Bolotow, to their little ones.

A 2014 piece in New York Magazine described some of it:

There are images of her fellating Richardson from inside a trash can; from inside a suitcase, with him pinching her nose shut; under his desk; upside down; with the word SLUT lipsticked on her forehead; in tandem with another woman; wearing a paper In-N-Out Burger cap.

I asked Bolotow about the SLUT picture and whether she interpreted any misogyny in it. She laughed. “I love that picture. I’m always like, ‘I look so hot in that picture.’ The whole setup was even my idea; that was the full comedy of it. I think we had a friend coming over, and I was like, ‘You know what would be so funny? If they walked in the door, and I was sucking your dick, and I’d just written slut on my forehead’.”

So, maybe something like, “Well, mummy and daddy thought it would be so funny to trick our friends by writing a slur on mummy’s head and then engaging in a sex act in front of them! Don’t you think that’s so funny?!”

Yeah, that’ll work.

Good luck to the parents-to-be!

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