'I started crying.' 10 women on the thing they most regret telling a colleague.

Have you ever said something you just really, really... shouldn't have?

What about sharing something with a colleague... Who then went and told everyone?

Or perhaps held it over your head.

And then you absolutely regretted it for, like, ever.

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It turns out there are quite a lot of us who have at least one thing we regret telling a workmate... So Mamamia reached out to our wider community to find out more about the one thing people have told a colleague that they have lived to regret.


"I once told my fast-food colleague I was quitting before I told my manager and I got an angry phone call later that evening from my boss."


"In radio, two of our brekkie hosts were leaving and the director told us. I texted them saying, 'Shame the dictator had to deliver the news and you weren't allowed to...' I was pulled into our director's office the next day and absolutely f**king slammed. Turns out they went to her saying the team was annoyed they couldn't tell us themselves – and used my texts as examples."



"I told my colleague the password for my Slack account during a work emergency and then a few months later, when she left, she blocked us all on social media. It's been a few years since then and I learnt recently from the colleague of a colleague that she had logged into my Slack account and caught us talking s**t about her."


"I should never have invited my work friend to the party I went to because now she won't stop asking me about one of my really good friends she met and has a crush on. I've been put in the middle of a very awkward situation."


"In my old job, I told a colleague what my salary was. I got iced out by my boss following that conversation because she told the higher-ups. Personally, I don't know why I was made to feel so guilty when salary transparency is so bloody important."


"I remember telling a colleague of mine that I was going to take my then-workplace to the Ombudsman for not paying me correctly. That co-worker told our boss, who was the franchisee owner, and they then tried to convince me not to, and it got really messy. I did end up going to the headquarters of the business and receiving fair remuneration, but I still feel pretty spiteful towards that co-worker for not backing me and not keeping their mouth shut. It caused an unnecessary hassle and more stress for me."


"I once told my co-worker that I had a crush on one of the other members of the team. Whenever that guy (aka my crush) would then walk past our desks, my co-worker would make a big deal and almost dox me in a way that was really embarrassing for me. It was like I was walking on eggshells. Such a 'pick-me girl', that co-worker was, looking back on it. Luckily I don't think the crush realised, but he certainly gave a few odd glances at us by the way my co-worker was carrying on."


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"I'm not sure if this counts but this one time at my old job, I was really hungry but it was like 11:15am, and I felt like it was too close to lunch to eat something proper, and wanted to wait 45 minutes. And then my colleague started showing me pictures of the food he ate the night before and I started crying. Because I was so hungry. I regret crying."


"I told my colleague about my tumultuous family life and how they're incredibly dramatic but also just... insane. When I took a day off because of a family emergency, she spread a rumour that I lied because my family is just as 'dramatic as I am'. Yeah. There was a HUGE HR meeting after that."


"For years, I worked with a woman I just... didn't really like. On my first day, I told her how much I love to eat and chat (I was only 19 in my first big-girl job. What the hell did I know?) From that moment on, until the day she resigned, she would either grab lunch with me or sit and watch me eat lunch and talk the entire time. It was a wonderfully intense two years of my life."

*Names have been changed for privacy.

What's one thing you regret telling your colleague? Let us know in the comments below.

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