The men's AFL photos that say everything about the trolling of Tayla Harris.

It is a remarkable photo of AFLW player Tayla Harris.

An iconic AFL stance. An immensely talented sportswoman in the middle of her work.

tayla harris photo
The stunning photo showcased Tayla Harris' athletic ability. Image: Getty by Michael Willson/AFL Media.

But then trolls descended. Within hours, a post of the image on 7AFL's Twitter account had attracted dozens of awful comments, some mocking the Carlton forward, the worst sexualising her.

7AFL removed the image and then apologised for doing so, because it was not the photo that was the problem. It was the trolls.

But while the photo of Tayla is amazing, it is also similar to many other well-known images of AFL players.

Those other photos did not attract such horrible comments, and the only difference is that they are of men.

Graham Farmer
AFL legend Graham Farmer. Image: Getty. in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Getty Images)
Dustin Martin
2017 Brownlow Medal winner Dustin Martin. Image: Getty.
Tony Modra
This was the photo used when Tony Modra was inducted to the ALF Hall of Fame. Image: Getty.
AFL legend Ted Whitten
AFL legend Ted Whitten. Image: Supplied.

When you look at these images, you should see sportspeople with extreme talent to be admired.

That for some people it is only the images of men that do this, while those of women evoke misogynistic and inappropriate responses, shows we have a long way to go.

One Twitter user's tweet perfectly sums this up.

Spot the difference, he asked. There isn't one.

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