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'My taxi driver shamed me for my "battle with weight".'

When radio producer Alex Spurway hopped into her post-gym cab, she definitely didn’t expect the conversation with her driver to focus on weight.

After “three weeks of eating and drinking bliss” over the silly season, the 29-year-old Sydneysider admits her first session back “wasn’t pretty”, but was “proud to be back at it, with a set goal for the next six months in mind”.

But as soon as her driver – a “60-year-old balding man” – noticed her workout gear and “very red face” things took a downward turn.

A "60-year-old balding man" body-shamed Alex Spurway. (Image: Instagram/iStock)

"He then proceeded to tell me he had a resting heart rate of 40 which even surprised his GP he’s “that fit” and told me he goes to the gym five times a week and runs on the weekend," Spurway explained in her article on


"The next sentence to come out of his mouth was priceless," she continued.

The taxi driver turned to Spurway and said, “OK, let’s get real here, you battle with weight”.

Oh wow. Just... wow.

"Apparently fat shaming can happen to anyone at any time without any warning," Spurway explained. "It was like a slap to my sweaty red face."

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"He then proceeded to give me three tips on how 'my battle with weight' can be handled.... A balding, 60-year-old man decided to fat shame me in his cab and I had to pay $13.50 for it."

Of course, the fitness fanatic wasn't done there - he was all too happy to offer up "three 'quick' tips" on how Spurway should combat her "battle".

“SUGAR has to go! Make sure you do weights! It’s 20 per cent exercise, 80 per cent diet,” he said.

"I asked him whether he ate sugar and he responded 'I’ve got my weight under control, so it’s not an issue for me'."

To get herself through the horrifying ordeal, Spurway smiled and repeated to herself three important things about the driver:

"1. You’re old.

"2. You have sun spots.

"3. You obviously hate fit b**ches (That last one was about me)."

Speaking to Mamamia, Spurway said: "I'll be sticking with Uber after this!"

What's the worst cab ride you've ever taken?