'The $8 Target candle that absolutely stacks up to my $86 cult favourite.'


Hi, my name is Jessica and I was once a complete candle snob.

I loved the deliciously scented offerings from Jo Malone, Diptyque, Byredo, Cire Trudon and pretty much any wax-filled jar from Mecca’s glorious fragrance section.

You can blame it on my love of Into the Gloss. After the wax was long gone, I’d clean out the jar then re-purpose it for cotton pads, Q-tips and makeup brushes.

It was very ‘this is my shelfie’ and I loved it.


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Then moving out happened, and with it rent and living expenses. Eaxxy candles went way down on my list of priorities.

But that’s okay, because I’ve just found a dupe for Diptyque’s cult-favourite Figuier Candle in the form of Target’s $8 Soy Blend Wood Wick Scented Candle in Fig Leaf & Verbana.

If the Barefoot Investor could see me now…

With its simple black jar, and black wax, the candle looks super chic.

While the quality of the two candles are similar, the scents do differ a bit. Diptyque’s Figuier candle is more subtle, woodsy and warm and it’s very accurately described by Mecca as “the scent of a warmed fig tree in the sun.” Target’s Fig and Verbana alternative is fruitier and more floral (thanks to the verbana), however it still has the clean, fig notes of its exxier cousin.

The wood-wick candle means the flame also crackles as it burns, which adds a nice, cosy touch to your home. The only small issue I had was with the flame going out. I simply poured away some of the wax, and the candle was back to its full-burning potential.

Target candle Diptyque dupe
Now go out and buy one for every member of your family.

With this super affordable find under my belt, I couldn't help but wonder (in the words of Carrie Bradshaw), what other budget-friendly, scented candle delights I was missing out on? And so I put the question to team Mamamia and here's what they said.

Kmart, Fresh Linen Fragrant Candle, $6.

We had several recommendations for this uber cheap candle, and really, what's lovelier than burying your home in the lush scent of clean sheets? I also personally love the scent  'Tropical Sunset' from the same line, which smells a bit more musky and citrus-y.

Kmart candle
Image: Kmart.

Dusk, Cockatoo Novelty Candle 18hr, $19.99.

If you need a candle to get you into the Christmas spirit, this one will do it for you. It's fabulously kitsch and offers 18 hours of burn time.

Dusk Christmas candle
Image: Dusk.

Kmart, Soy Wax Candle Jasmine Bamboo Scented, $9.

This smells exactly like a blooming jasmine bush and it comes in a very chic pebbled, ceramic pot. Burn the candle and re-purpose the jar after.

Kmart Candle
Image: Kmart.



Ikea, Sinnlig, $1.99.

Lovers of this candle say the scent is sweet and warm, but not too overpowering and at $2 a pop, what can go wrong?

Ikea candle
Image: Ikea.

Big W, House & Home Pineapple Candle Jar, $10.

Big W Candle
Image: Big W.

Kmart absolutely delivers in the budget candle section and the tropical, fruity tones of this fig and papaya concoction proves it.

Do you have a favourite budget candle to add to the list? Tell us in a comment below!