10 of the best Australian-made scented candles to give (yourself) this Christmas.


There are a few warning signs you’ve entered the twilight years of your twenties – and a sudden, inexplicable affection for quality homewares is certainly one.

It starts with a non-stick fry pan, some matching crockery, then, like clockwork, you’re checking the thread count on your bed sheets. Before you know it, BOOM, all you want for Christmas is some scented candles.

It’s inescapable and it can happen to even the most resolute of anti-nesters. Believe me, I know. It’s happened to me.

Never fear though, we’ve got you covered, you candle-loving weirdo.

Here are 10 of the best Australian-made scented candles to give to yourself (or, I guess, your loved ones) this Christmas.

1. Soap Club.

Soap Club makes their candles in Melbourne, using locally-sourced ingredients. They’re cruelty and paraffin free, made from soy, oh, and they’re bloody great to look at.

The signature Vetiver candle is foresty with fir needles, romantic with geranium, velvety and earthy with vetiver and hand-poured into a porcelain cup.

Order yours (and some soap, if that’s your thing) here.


2. Fuck I Love Scented Candles.

Our very own Monique Bowley has entered the candle biz. It’s early days yet, but if you love the smell of “vanilla caramel” or “fresh linen” (ie. if you have nose), then these are for you. We f*cking love them already.

Every candle company needs a hipster dog. It’s standard. A photo posted by Fuck I Love Scented Candles (@fuckilovescentedcandles) on


3. Diptyque.

Okay, I admit it. These aren’t Australian (not even a little bit), but they’re so fancy I’m just going to let it slide. Dyptique Paris is a legendary French perfumer and maker of luxury scented candles and home fragrances. Aussies can get ’em from Mecca.

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4. Glasshouse Fragrances.

“You do more than burn a Glasshouse Candle. Like Alice in a sensory Wonderland, you take a trip down the rabbit hole and experience it.” That’s the sell on the Glasshouse website. They specialise in smells and, my god, they nail it. Pink lemonade, anyone?


5. Salus.

Salus makes a range of eco-concious home spa products including, you guessed it, scented candles.

All natural, local and soy, obviously.

6. Alchemy Produx.

Like children, you can’t have a favourite scented candle. But, I mean, if I had to choose, just look how great these science-inspired soy beauties are. Buy them here.

Check out the line up! RG FROM @weareapacherose A photo posted by @alchemyprodux on


7. Jesinta Campbell’s candles.

Everyone’s favourite former-Miss Universe Australia has her own line of fancy soy scented candles. They’re great, but I still haven’t forgiven her for not just calling them “Jescenta Candles”. Truly, it was a missed opportunity. You can buy them from her online store.

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8. Generics.

Oh hey, look at these! Vegan, fragrant and from Perth. What more could you want? Available here.

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9. Grace and James

Grace and James are Melbourne-based and make their hand-poured candles from a blend of soy and coconut oil wax.

Their signature style burns for over 80 hours, which is a whole lot of burn for your buck.

Some of your favs restocked online ???? A photo posted by Grace and James Candle Co. (@graceandjamescandleco) on


10. Fenton & Fenton

Finally it’s Fenton & Fenton, who sell all kinds of stuff from their Melbourne store, including this range of incredibly sassy scented candles.

We wish you a merry whiffmas and a happy new year…