BACH FLUFF: Tara just made a huge interview blunder and revealed her fate on the show.

We’re only one day out from The Bachelor season finale but it’s just been ruined.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Unlike other years, the (latest) spoiler hasn’t come from overdedicated fans or paparazzi but rather the mouth of one of the remaining contestants themselves.

Listen: Everything you need to know before tonight’s episode. Post continues after audio.

In an interview with hit93.5 Dubbo’s Pippa & Jimi, Tara Pavlovic addressed a circulating rumour about her and one of the cocktail party waiters and in doing so, said the one thing she wasn’t allowed to say – Matty J’s phone number.

(Alright, I’m kidding. But we can dream, right?)

No, Tara let slip that she doesn’t win.

“I ran into him [Derek the waiter who claimed he’d asked her out] the weekend I got eliminated,” she told the radio pair.


The week she got ELIMINATED?

Translation? She doesn’t make the final two.

After being pressed to reveal which position she came in, the 27 year old seemed to realise what she had said and tried to cover her tracks.

The final three. (Image via TenPlay.)

"I won," she said, before starting laughing and then adding "maybe" before going silent.

When she said "eliminated", Tara maintained she meant the weekend after the show had finished filming.

She did however shut down any romance between her and Derek.

"No, he's not cute. I wouldn't touch him. Nothing happened, there's a girl in there who just keeps making up malicious rumours about me. I never gave Derek my number and he hasn't asked me on a date. The only time we've been in contact is when he contacted me about the article," she said.

As to his claims that the pair were texting loads, Pavlovic says it's all "made up".

"I didn't give him my number in the house. I ran into him the weekend I got eliminated in Newtown and I was like 'Oh Dezza, how you going mate, how you doing? We're going to Frankie's, come kick on if you want' and that's how we exchanged numbers.

"There was no flirting, he was just a mate."

Pavlovic is in the final three with Laura Byrne and Elise Stacy, with one being sent home ahead of Thursday's finale tonight.

You can listen to the full interview below...

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