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Bachelor in Paradise's Tara casually mentions she took a secret pregnancy test last week.

Communication is the key to all good relationships and that goes for the strongest reality TV couples too.

Attending the Uber x Red Cross Clothing runway event, Bachelor in Paradise‘s Tara Pavlovic, 28, and Sam Cochrane, 31, were being interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald, when the professional nanny had a little announcement to make.

Following from a brief chat about their upcoming nuptials – which should take place sometime early next year, the topic of babies came up.

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It was then that Tara hinted at a potential BACHELOR IN PARADISE BABY and said that she recently took a “secret” pregnancy test.

“I thought I was pregnant the other day, but I’m not. I did a test in secret,” said Tara very casually, getting the hopes up of every Australian in the interim.

However, with poor fiancé Sam also present in the interview, it seems like he was just as surprised as the rest of us.


Poor thing.

“Don’t you think you should tell the dude before you say it during an interview?” he asked. He might just have a small, tiny, iota of a point.

Love you ???? @samual.cochrane

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After Tara confirmed that they are most definitely not expecting, the voice-over actor shared this little tidbit of newly-acquired relationship advice:

“Here’s a note to everyone, if you buy a pregnancy test, maybe you should let your partner know you’ve done that,” he said,

Despite this, a Paradise baby could very well be on its way, with both Tara and Sam confirming that it’s there next point of call after the wedding.

“Uh ya, I’ll knock her up for sure,” replied Sam when asked.

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