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'Dear Sam "Man Bun" Cochrane, I'm sorry I judged you.'

Dear Sam “Man Bun” Cochrane,

I was wrong.

I’d like to issue both you and your man bun a public apology.

You see, last week I wrote a story called ‘Bachie fave Tara Pavlovic has been flirting with Sam “Man Bun” Cochrane and GOD NO’.

I had feelings and I needed to express them.

In this glorious piece of journalism I told our readers we had a “man bun emergency”, nay, a “man bungency” on our hands because you were gettin’ close to our feminist bogan hero, Tara Pavlovic, on the show.

This concerned me because Tara had proved to be the kind of cape-less hero who yelled out things like ‘FREESSSSSSHHH MEEEEEEEEAAAAT” and “It’s a sausage fest. It’s like Bunnings on a Satdee’.

The Bach Chat girls breakdown the latest episode. Post continues.

And you had proved yourself to be the kind of bloke who gets distracted by a woman’s “cans”.

Yes I laughed when Tara asked whether you were “covering your vag” when you placed a cushion over your crotch, and you replied that you weren’t wearing any undies and didn’t “want a ball to slip out”.

But then things got real… really damn fast.

You guys started canoodling on a lounge while drinking fancy cocktails and I didn’t like it.

But I was wrong.




Because this bogan man bun match made in tropical cocktail heaven may just be the best thing about the whole damn show.

While everyone else is sitting in the sun getting sunburned (Jarrod) and talking about their feelings (also, Jarrod) you guys seem to actually be making a real connection.

And… and… it’s a bit cute.

So, I’m sorry that I judged you and your man bun prematurely.

You, Tara, and your man bun might just be the reality TV love story Australia has been searching for.