Australia viciously attacks The Bachelor's Matty J after he sends fan favourite Tara home.

Australia is very, very angry right now. And it’s all directed at one person.

Hi there, Matty J.


Matty, we’ve been through a lot together. Our hearts broke just as much as yours when Georgia Love picked Lee over you. We get it. It sucked.

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We were rooting for you, and we were behind you 100 per cent on your very real and not at all fake quest to find a wife true love.

But last night, you did the unthinkable. You eliminated a fan favourite from the competition and… we just need a little time, okay?


To catch up (and to relive the pain, sorry): on their final one-on-one date, Tara and Matty caught a sea plane to a yacht (we're still not sure why), where they stared out onto the horizon as they declared their undying love for one another.

"I know I'm always being silly and joking around, but I really do care and I don't want these other people in the picture anymore," the 27-year-old nanny said.

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"I want to have you all to myself."

Matty's response? "Nothing would make me happier than being in this moment forever..."


Tara was then given the boot during the penultimate rose ceremony, telling the camera she was "heartbroken" and "devastated" by Matty's decision.

Do you know who else is devastated? The entire nation.

As soon as the episode aired, Matty's Instagram account was flooded with nasty comments and snake emojis criticising his choice.


"What a freakin' loser! [Tara] is the queen how dare you?!" one user wrote.


"You're never gonna find a better girl than Tara," another said.

Others labelled the 30-year-old an "idiot", "cruel" and said they were "disgusted" by his behaviour.

As upset as we are, that's a little harsh.

If there's one silver lining we can take from this experience, it's that Tara seems to be on the mend.

Wondering what pubs are open tonight ...

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"Wondering what pubs are open tonight," she wrote on Instagram alongside a snap of her final rose ceremony.

And hey, at least we have a new contender for the next season of The Bachelorette.